Conscious Software Development Telesummit

A few weeks ago David Chilcott pinged me about a telesummit called Conscious Software Development that is being hosted by Michael Smith starting Nov 10. Since my book has that name he thought that there might be some connection. Thanks David!

And sure enough there is. Last Friday, I had my interview with Michael. It was fun.

In particular, I got to explore in more depth what my book is about and why it might be important. With the huge amount of information available on how to do things what am I adding? An early reviewer was not too pleased that the book was not a ‘how to’ book.

To answer Michael’s questions, I found myself referring to the work of Ken Wilber, the renowned philosopher. Ken’s Integral Theory has influenced me for many years and it has been interesting to see the growing uptake of his ideas. Michael Spayd is using these ideas in his upcoming book on Agile Enterprise Transformation.

A fundamental concept is the four quadrants. The axis are Individual/Collection and Interior/Exterior.

Anil Nayara has a view that appeals to me:
In this view, change occurs in four areas. Personal (interior, individual), Behavior (exterior, individual), Culture (interior, collective), and Systems (exterior, collective)

Integral Health Institute another form the same concept:
Most change agents operate in the ITS or Systems space. We see more and more folks pointing to the WE or Culture space as important. Many coaches focus on IT or Behavior space. Not many focus on the I or Personal Space. That is where Conscious Software Development primarily sits.

Of course, all the quadrants must be addressed for lasting change to occur. And I find myself personally interested in exploring the I space in work environments.

So, thanks Michael for an interesting conversation!

Go check out the telesummit at The speakers cover a wide range of topics. You may want to see if you can see which quadrant they are focussing on.

Conscious Software Development – DONE!

At long last! My book is completed, done, finished, published, even reviewed.


Here, you can see it above with two influencers: a few of my elephants and one of our Buddhas. You can find it on Amazon at it is available in paper or on your Kindle.

Conscious Software Development is not a how-to book.  It consists of 19 chapters, each exploring some topic of software development and how one might bring some consciousness to it.  Musings on experience and lessons learned.  Topics range from Communication to Mental Models to Your Body (Yes, you have one!)

But this blog is not to explore the content of the book.  That you can do by getting one!

Here I would like to explore the process that produced it.

As many have discovered before me, it took longer that I thought.  My experience is what is often reported my new authors.  Difficulties and setbacks.  I had my share.  The entire process took over three years with excitement, slogging, and heartbreak.

The first big breakthrough was the process we used for the bulk of the writing.  I did not write.  Instead, we taped some 18 eight to twelve minute videos.  Each was me talking about a topic.  Very little prep for me (Anyone who knows me knows that I can ramble on at length on these topics!) and a simple setup.  So I had the pleasure of writing a book with very little writing.  Very exciting.

The audio recordings were then sent off to India and transcribed.  A first level of editing was accomplished and the content began to look like a book.  Slogging at this time

There then followed some time of confusion and some painful adjustments.  As we negotiated these difficulties, some clarity emerged on what the book should be.

There were some fits and starts on the illustrations and a settling after we found Diana, And in the final times, we got it done.  Thanks bunches, Steve.

All in all, a journey I would not have missed.

Let me know what you think!